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Working 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
Platform style CFS warehouse is 23,000㎡,max capability of storage is 19,000 m3,annually loading/unloading capacity is 72,000TEU.
Flat style CFS warehouse is 8,500㎡, with 3 floors.
All areas of warehouse are under observation by monitors 24 hours.
All of our staffs are strictly trained, up to professional standard to offer our customers the best services.
We act as the main warehousing services supplier for BASF (China) Co.,Ltd..
Other our major customers include
Shanghai SUNUAN Transport Co., Ltd.
SYNTIME Supply Chain International Co., Ltd.
PACIFIC STAR International Logistics (China) Co., Ltd.
COMPREHENSIVE International Freight forwarders Ltd.
RTG Logistics Ltd.
Tel:021-58643000 to each ext  Fax:021-58644885  Address:No.2222,Gang Cheng Rd.,Pudong New Area,Shanghai,China  Zip:200137
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