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Advantage of business integration EED could provide all kind of services during the whole export/import process with our own warehouse.
Advantage of geographical position Trucks can take the Highway A20 from EED to Yangshan Deepwater Terminal without through downtown of Shanghai.
Advantage of timesaving EED’s clients could pick up empty containers from our own depot and load in our own warehouse in the same area.
Advantage of cost-effectiveness EED’s integrative business could give our clients higher quality of services and lower cost of operation.
Advantage of long haul ransportation EED seated near the exit of Highway A20, it is convenient for our trucks to take long haul transportation around Yangtze River Delta Region.
Advantage of business management EED's parent company EMI, is a listed company in Taiwan, therefore, EED is abundance of capital and prudence of operation.
Advantage of facility instrument EED has a 170,000 ㎡ container yard with a fleet of 100 container trucks with bilateral communication GPS system.
Advantage of secure surveillance EED has a strict monitoring system. Stuffs are on duty for 24 hours to observe all areas.
Advantage of personnel service The stuffs of EED propose abundant experience in international container logistic business.
Advantage of MIS The authorized clients may search latest information through internet by given account and password.
Advantage of container management EED has long term business partnership with lots of shipping lines and container owner.
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