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EED has total area of 210,700㎡, contains 31,500㎡ warehouse area, 170,000㎡ container yard, container repairing workshop and truck repairing workshop.
It also has a fleet of 100 container trucks with bilateral communication GPS system, 8 empty container handling liftrucks, 2 loaded container handlers, 2 units of 10 tons forklifts, 3 units of yard tractors, and 35 units of 3 tons forklifts.
EED could provide all kind of service during the whole export/import process.
Vision of EED's Development
Enhancing containers operating business, and building partnerships with more shipping lines.
Developing 3PL service business, and increasing the clients’ efficiency of supply chain.
Operating truck repairing and maintenance business for the public.
Researching products and setting up distribution channels to developing merchandise wholesaling business.
Comprehensive starting import and export business, and setting the network in all provinces of mainland, to building virtual trade platform.
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