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Head office
Tsai. Kao-Ming
Ping Zhou President
Eddie.I.Chao Vice President
ZhiXiong Yang Operational Vice President
Office of General Manager Angela Li Manager & Assistant of Chairman
Accounting Dept. Allan Xiao


General Affairs Dept. Jun Li Vice Manager
Human Resources Dept. Xiangyu Kong Manager
Information Technology Dept. Daniel D. Manager
Warehouse and Consolidate Dept. Guohua Gong Manager
Xiaoyi Chen Vice Manager
Transportation Dept. Julian Miao Manager
Haozhong Zhang Vice Manager
Container Management Dept. Xin Jin Manager
Wei Zhao Vice Manager
Lei Xu Vice Manager
Technical Dept. YaNong Xu


BingLin Xu Vice Manager
Freight Forwarder Dept. Space Liu

Customs Affairs Dept. Manager

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